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About us

Dedicated to the welfare of young women and men in Moss Side

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Our mission

Hideaway aims to provide high quality youth work in a safe and secure environment where relationships and trust are developed and cherished, where young people have a voice and are heard, where difference is celebrated and where everyone works together to develop the full potential of all.

Our vision

Hideaway is a safe and secure place where young people want to be and can thrive; are encouraged to believe in themselves and achieve their full potential. Our ethos is built on trust, flexibility and security.

The values we live by



Hideaway is a welcoming and positive environment. It’s a place to learn and it’s also a place to have fun and enjoy yourself.


Hideaway is an open and accepting community. It’s a place where young people can feel confident and be respected and accepted.


Hideaway is a place where young people and have a voice, where we believe in young people and they learn to believe in themselves.


Hideaway is a friendly and relaxed place, a home from home. Young people can feel safe, listened to and comfortable here.

Our staff and volunteers

  • Julie Wharton, Director

    I have the pleasure of working in a well-established team of youth workers and volunteers who, through their expertise and dedication, are able to inspire young people in Moss Side to believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Building confidence and heightening young people’s self-esteem is one of the reasons why young people love Hideaway. My role as Director is to develop and encourage the team in their work. Behind the scenes, I am also busy looking for funding to keep this longstanding project alive.

  • Karen Harewood, Youth Worker

    I facilitate during Girl Talk and the mixed group sessions, using arts and crafts to engage with young people and challenge or explore curriculum issues, and to encourage emotional relaxation. I also do juicing to promote healthy food choices and I coach the female football sessions.

  • Lynne Fullard, Youth and Community Worker

    I have a diverse history of working with young people across Manchester, specifically encouraging the participation and engagement of young people in decision making structures. I am committed to promoting equality and diversity and I’m passionate about improving the lives of young people through empowerment.

  • Irvine Williams, Operational Manager

    I have over 30 years’ experience of providing leadership and encouraging young people to develop their own voice to improve their life opportunities, participation and representation at all levels. I have extensive skills in youth work, youth engagement, partnership work, fundraising, service/project delivery, and team management. I am driven by the need to provide young people with the opportunities and skills to positively contribute to society. I am always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities to develop myself and others.

  • Jummai Afolabi, Administration

  • Courtney Wallace, Youth Worker

    Courtney came to Hideaway as a young man. He then progressed through to become a volunteer. From there he was employed as a youth worker and not only continues to develop himself but also the young people he works with. He feels he is a good role model as he has come through Hideaway and understands young people from the community.

  • Melvyn McDonald, Youth Worker

    I have a degree in Applied Studies in Youth and Community Work gained from University of Manchester. In addition, I have a level 3 in Mentoring and a level 1 FA Coaching badge. I believe that I am a youth worker that is approachable to any young person and offers tailored advice if a young person comes to me with any concerns. I can deal with any challenging situation such as conflict and one of the most important things which I believe I can offer is a smile to the young people whom I work with and fun. These two factors are essential to me as sometimes a smile and a laugh is just what’s needed.

  • Tanya Watts, Youth Worker

    I have worked in youth work and as a sports coach, for over 10 years. I completed a Sport Science degree at the University of Central Lancashire and from there I coached different sports in the UK and abroad. When I returned to England the sports coaching lead me into youth work in different parts of Manchester. Working with young people and being able to offer them new challenges, experiences and opening up new opportunities for them is an important aspect of youth work. The part of youth work I enjoy the most is supporting young people to try different activities, visit new places and accomplish challenges, which increases their awareness, knowledge, and experiences and shows there personal growth.

Fifty years of fun and opportunity

My journey with Hideaway has transitioned from me being a shy and introverted girl to a confident and proactive individual.
Safiya Omar
Hideaway is my second home. Without this place, I would never have excelled in my education and set up my own business. I grew in confidence here, developed leadership skills and gained many, many skills and qualifications.
Hamdi Hassan
Hideaway has given me many opportunities, all which have been exciting and fun, and I have met many wonderful people. Everyone is welcomed and supported here. I’ve made good friends and amazing memories.
Faziya Abdulkabir
Being here at Hideaway has made me feel more confident about myself.
Amiya Unique Leelis
I only started at Hideaway recently and I’ve met many wonderful people. The awe-inspiring staff have given me opportunities to try different activities – for example I went iceskating for the first time with Hideaway. I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime.
Jounnara Begum
It has made a great impact on me – Hideaway has given me life skills and confidence.
Keyosha Leveridge

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