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Big Sister

We’re a group of young women aged 11–16 who meet at least once a week to talk, learn and have a laugh.

Our aim

At Big Sister we have our own private space that feels safe and lets us be ourselves without having to worry about what the boys think. There are girls from lots of different religions, cultures and backgrounds here, and if it wasn’t for Big Sister most of us would never have met. This is a place where we develop new skills, learn about ourselves and each other, and build our confidence and self‑belief.


We have workshops every week, on all kinds of subjects from dance and drama to healthy relationships and staying safe. We’ve also learned baking, arts and crafts, and fashion design — if we want to try something new, we ask the staff at Hideaway and they help us to arrange it. And sometimes we just hang out, talk about our concerns and our plans, and catch up on all our news.

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